Mobile Impact Crushing Station(crawler type)

Product Introduction

DM mobile impact crushing station adopts heavy rotorlarge-capacity crushing cavity, heavy impact plate, high wear-resistance lly blow bar, hydraulicopeningdevice, etc. to realize greater crushing capacity and crushing ratio, stable performance,ow production cost and convenient operation and maintenance.Itcan break ore and rock with a compressive strength no more than 320 MPa. The crushed stone is with a cubic shape, less lneedle like shape stone and almostno internal cracks.


Super heawyduty rotor high waresistant mterial arge cushing avity, are eedin sze, sable product, high cpacity, Bood shape, arge crushing atoi。
Back frame of the crusher is opened by hydraulic device, it is easy to maintain;。
The side discharge belt can be disassembled;
Using ntelligent wireless remote control device, slf-track walking, single remote control to operate up and down ordinary flatbed trailer and to achieve fasttransition operations;
Provide iron remover or return system or eeding system according to customer's requirement.


Model DMI100RS DMI130RS DMI160RS
Feeding Equipment
Capacity(t/h) 250 400 400
Max feeding size(mm) 550 650 650
Feeding Height(mm) 3800 3800 3800
Hopper Volume(m3) 9 9 9
Feeding Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) 4100x1050 4.5x2 4100x1050 4.5x2 4100x1050 4.5x2
Impact Crusher
Model l1010 l1313 l1316
Max Feeding Size(mm) 500 600 600
Feed opening (mm) 1100x800 1240x990 1630x990
Motor(kw) 160 200-220 250-280
Returning Belt Conveyor
Specifications B650x3.3M B650x3.3M B650x3.3M
Motor(kw) 3 3 3
Main Belt Conveyor
Specifications B1000x10M B1000x13.2M B1000x13.2M
Motor(kw) 11 7.5x2 7.5x2
Vibrating Screen
Specifications 4000x1600 5000x1700 5000x1700
Motor(kw) 3.06x2 3.06x2 3.06x2
Final Product Belt Conveyor
Specifications B1400x4.8M B1400x5.7M B1400x5.7M
Unloading Height(mm) 2850 2850 2850
Motor(kw) 7.5 7.5 7.5
Transition Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B500x3.5M 3 B500x3.6M 3 B500x3.6M 3
Returnining BeIt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B500x9.45M 4 B500x10.3M 4 B500x10.3M 4
Whole Plant
Driving Motor(kw) 76,280 76,320 76,360
Total weight(t) 53,55 58,60 59,61
Capacity(t/h) 80-220 150-300 180-360
Size L x w x H(m) 17.3x3.8x3.8 18x3.8x3.8 18x4x3.8
Extemal Power(kw) 213 251-271 302-332